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June 22–September 13, 2023

BODY LANGUAGE takes the form of a mock flyposting campaign in which Hink encourages the viewer to claim their own language regarding the restriction of one’s physical form. In this exhibition, repetitious blunt wording and elemental body horror are combined to advertise the landscape of a loosely autonomous existence.

Limitations tear us apart; using our voices paste us back together.

bodylanguagecover copy.jpg


In conjunction with the exhibition, BELIEVED IN A MASS was a collaborative zine project that was curated and released to raise funds for Trans Lifeline and the Midwest Access Coalition. 

BELIEVED IN A MASS features the works from the BODY LANGUAGE exhibition, as well as a variety of queer and trans artists claiming their own language in regards to the restriction of one’s form. This spans trans rights, abortion access, gender affirming care, consent, queer language, and the exploration of one's identity.

Collaborators in order of appearance:


Hink, Waegelsbagels, Alex Gonzalez, Lena Henry (2 page spread), FS5K (2 page spread), Jackson Smith, Holy Goat, Leah Klatt, Lucas Wyzrd, Katie Manners, Coodos, Alexander Parks, Kye Smith, Julia Yrkoski, Chrondust, Arianna Maggio, & Yulian Leshuk​.

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