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Lora and Sara are two codependent best friends who are figuring out what it means to grow up in a world full of monsters.







- Coming of age

- Romanticized toxicity

- Complexities of queerness

- Differing reactions to trauma

-Growing apart from someone you thought you would always hold close.


- Euphoria

- Alice: Madness Returns

- Perfect Blue

- XXXHolic


Above is a cover concept if book was printed.

The aesthetic feel of the comic (whether it's online or in print) is to feel like a composition notebook diary.



A somewhat naive adrenaline junky whose self esteem relies thoroughly on external validation. She yearns to be desired, but feels a strong disconnect with who she is and what she actually wants.


On a good day, she distracts herself from her self esteem issues by doodling, watching cartoons, and drinking, but on a bad day she manages by distracting herself through impulsive decision making.


An avoidant workaholic who fears anything she can’t control. So in protest, she’s a stimulant popping escapism enthusiast who loves to anchor herself completely to her artistic craft, which most recently in her life has been stone carving and whittling. Due to a rough early upbringing, she is very guarded of herself and the people/things she cares about.

She has a very hard time with handling change, so much so that she's somewhat dedicated her life to avoiding it.


Lora and Sara have been best friends since kindergarten. Despite their differences, the duo have always trauma bonded over a very ‘us vs. them’ mindset against the rest of the world.


There is an underlying romance between the two that they both have a hard time healthily acknowledging.



He’s the perfect bad boy, a villain to romanticize.



Quick witted, not afraid of confrontation, and is surprisingly well read. Comes off a lot meaner than they actually are. Friend of the Creature.


A geeky, airheaded yes-man who will develop a crush on any girl who looks his way. Wants to be perceived as ‘cool’ very badly. Friend of the Creature.


The quiet wild card who can get anyone to open up to them without saying a word. Friend of the Creature.


Lora and Sara are two best friends who have grown up in a world full of monsters, so naturally the two are inseparable and vaguely codependent. Most of their days are spent within the confines of each other's bedrooms, watching cartoons, making art, and living relatively sheltered lives. Sara finds peace in their  curated reality, but the two begin to clash when Lora aches for change.





Lora and Sara are seen growing up together watching cartoons. Eventually, Lora brings up that it was time they grew up. Sara vehemently rejects the thought, Lora shuts down, and noticing she hurt Lora, Sara promises she'll go with her to a party they were invited to.


Inciting Incident:

At the party days later, Lora is approached by a tall Creature, he flatters her into leaving with him, and the two ditch Sara. The Creature offers to bring her to a 'really cool place' with his friends, which is a locked doorway in an alley, but he lost the key. Lora offers one of her ribs to pick the lock, and her rib snaps in the process. The group then jumps through the door portal and onto an island full of flying snakes. Lora is instantly hooked by the Creature, and the two come back night after night. Meanwhile, Lora is shedding all of her ribs to pick the lock each time. One night, a snake shoots through Lora’s now exposed heart and she collapses. She begs to go home, the Creature begrudgingly obliges, but still asks to go again tomorrow. When he leaves, Lora then checks her phone and notices all the messages she's missed from Sara. Lora asks to come over and Sara immediately responds. The two reunite in Sara's room, and Sara hastily fixes Lora's damaged heart and ribs by sewing them together. The two embrace.

(above paragraphs are already on CANVAS but I formatted in 10-15 panels per episode. If reformatted into the 40-50 panel per episode format, the above paragraphs would be the arc of the first 3 episodes)

Rising Action:

A year passes, the two are in their routine. Sara has developed a stimulant habit, and is working away at her most extravagant sculptures yet. Sara is reflecting on how peaceful their curated world is, but is interrupted by an intoxicated Lora who cheekily mentions they got invited to a party. The two get into a playful banter, and in an intoxicated fluster, the two kiss, but Sara quickly recoils and awkwardly resumes her sculpture. Lora leaves in embarrassment. Sara notices she's out of pills, and goes to meet her dealer. Lora wanders to the old alley door portal, and begins a conversation with the snake in her chest about how she can't help but come visit here. Unexpectedly, the Creature arrives. He is with another girl, but manages to flatter Lora by telling the girl to go home, and telling Lora he’ll make everything up to her. Cut back to Sara, who’s buying stimulants from her dealer, who happens to be a squid in the river. He asks what she plans on doing with her life and she says she just hopes everything continues to stay the same. He scoffs, tosses her stimulants to her along with glowing orbs he claims will 'help her open her mind'. Sara heads home mumbling about how she fears and hates the world, texts Lora, and gets back to work trying to chase away her racing thoughts.


Days pass and Lora has not responded to Sara's messages. This triggers Sara, so she decides to go to the party Lora recently jokingly mentioned. She does not find Lora there, but instead finds the Creature's friends (Arbour, Elliot, and Eden) who reveal to Sara that Lora and the Creature have run off together. Sara begs for them to show her where they are, the group asks why they should, and Sara offers them the glowing orbs her dealer gave her. They won’t take them unless Sara does it with them, so in desperation, she does. Psychedelic trip ensues where every creature has become human, and Sara ‘finds’ Lora with the creature, and attempts to chip him aways with her whittling knife, but Lora stops her. Sara awakes from the trip, and the Creature’s friends agree to chase down him and Lora.

Falling Action:

Cut to the Creature and Lora taking a train out of the city. He is taking her to a variety of secret lands he knows of, and claims they are eventually heading to a place to properly remove the snake from her heart. Lora feels empowered by his continuous promise to make everything up to her, so she's along for the ride. Meanwhile, Sara, Arbour, Elliot, and Eden, are close behind, tracking his location on their phones. On the train ride Arbour attempts to ask Sara why she’s so obsessed with finding Lora, and Sara opens up a bit about her previous trauma. The Creature's location disappears, and the group panics, but simply gets off at the stop where the location dipped. They find themselves at the face of a mountain with a large gaping mouth for an entrance which happens to be a nightclub. The group break inside to see the Creature and Lora. Sara hurdles herself towards him, but Lora stops her. Lora, being completely convinced at this point by the Creature, exclaims the he is helping her and tells Sara she doesn't want to see her anymore. The two end the brief reunion in an explosive, projection fueled argument, and Sara heads home jarred, directionless, and confused.


Time has passed, Arbour and Sara are together, celebrating an opening exhibition for Sara's sculptures, which all happen to be visual homages to Lora. The two don't talk anymore, all Sara knows is that Lora is alive. Cut to outside the exhibit, Lora happens to be standing outside the building, chatting with the snake that still happens to be in her heart. She contemplates going inside, but decides against it as her assumed girlfriend comes up to her. Just as timing has it, Sara gazes outside the window and catches a glimpse of Lora. She does not run after her, and as she gazes outside the window all of the creatures of the city turn into people, and the world doesn't look so scary anymore.




In order left to right: The Creature, Elliot, Arbour, Eden, Lora, and Sara



Sara's Room

Lora's Room


The City


The Snake Island

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